ASN’s expert hub: ASNexus

ASN’s expert hub: ASNexus

ASN’s expert hub: ASNexus

ASNexus members are participating in ASN projects related to Corporate Health and Life Benefits. They are market experts in their country, delivering a great service to ASN’s multi-national clients.

Following is available:

  • Up-to-date and detailed information on all ASNexus partners and their respective services
  • Country-specific information on benchmark and best practice in Corporate Health and Life benefits
  • Case studies and testimonials on ASNexus executed projects

Target profile for ASNexus: Mid-sized multi-nationals

  • Internationally operating companies with a large presence in foreign key markets
  • Focus on optimizing their international Corporate Health and Life benefits programs

Making use of ASNexus

  • Local expertise for each and every foreign key market
  • ASNexus provides the interface to the local top-management
  • ASNexus as one-stop expertise hub coordinates all multi-national and local programs

ASNexus online information exchange

  • ASNexus as information exchange and collaboration platform for all participating partners and serviced clients

ASNexus connected services

  • Consulting for multinational EB pooling
  • Establishing country specific benchmarks
  • Best practice advice/execution support in health cost containment and risk transfer

Our vision and goals

ASNexus is a hub of experts from 40+ key countries, covering insurance brokerage, consultancy, actuarial and other specialized work around Corporate Health and Life Benefits topics. The Plattform focusses on the people with said expertise, not on their companies. Through this, we ensure that our promise to our clients can be lived up to while exactly knowing who will deliver.

We strongly believe that cooperation of experts on global level is the only way to meet the demand of multinational companies when it comes to employee (Life-)benefits and the related complex international topics of Corporate Health and Corporate Social Responsibility, which call for new solutions going beyond independent local actions. ASNexus aims to create a hub for not just developing but also delivering tailored solutions going beyond the capabilities of local providers while actually involve and utilize local expertise and services.

We provide a strong expert position in the market heavily sought after by multinational companies of all sizes.