ASN Offers Suitable Insurance Solutions for Swiss Citizens Living Abroad

Far from home, Swiss citizens living in another country often are faced with particular challenges and also find that available insurances in foreign countries are unlikely to maintain the same standards they’re accustomed to at home.


ASN helps Swiss citizens abroad in finding the right and suitable insurance solution, the optimal as well as the ideal life insurance for the time of being an expatriate and beyond.

International Insurance Solutions for Swiss Citizens Living Abroad


ASN offers comprehensive consulting from which you can greatly benefit. Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive, but flawed insurance coverage can on the other hand turn out to be extraordinarily costly for you.


Leave nothing to chance when you’re a Swiss citizen living abroad. Choose a comprehensive international insurance solution that covers you worldwide. The multilingual experts at our help desk can assist you in all insurance questions. We guarantee that your chosen insurance package will have no gaps and exactly suit your personal life situation, whatever you may have planned and however your future life may develop.