Returning to the Home Country

ASN helps Swiss citizens living abroad, emigrants in general, and professionals on foreign working assignments who want to return to their home countries.


Please inquire at your home country’s embassy or consulate in your current country of residency which regulations and registering obligations have to be observed once you’ve arrived back home. It is also recommended to check if your actual insurance coverage will still be sufficient for your needs. Are the benefits of savings plans and retirement plans transferable? Or how should you restructure them?


ASN helps you to find the right and most suitable health insurance solution, as well as the ideal life insurance solution after your return to your home country.

All Relevant Insurance Types in Overview


Decide on a comprehensive consultation with our experts before returning to your home country. The specialists at our help desk can give you hands-on advice and answer all your questions regarding optimal insurance coverage that suits your personal needs.


Regardless of whether you are a Swiss citizen living abroad, an emigrant, or a professional on foreign working assignment, we guarantee that your chosen insurance package will have no gaps and is adjusted to exactly suit your needs back in your home country.