Choose a Future with ASN

Whatever you may have planned and wherever you may live in the future, ASN will always support you with flexible services adjusted to your personal way of life.


If you choose ASN you’ll profit from a holistic solution in all insurance matters. We guarantee you flexible insurance packages adjusted to your needs and personal plans for your future, whatever you may have in mind, wherever you may live and however your life will commence.

Bilateral Agreements

Switzerland currently maintains bilateral agreements with various countries within the European Union regulating relationships and cooperation on a political, economic, and cultural level.


For example, one of these bilateral agreements regulates free movement of people. This particular agreement is going to have special meaning for you if you intend to relocate. ASN offers you comprehensive advice in these matters.

International Insurance Types from ASN

In the area of international insurances ASN offers you alternative solutions for:

  • Health Insurance (KVG, VVG)
  • Daily Hospitalisation Allowance Insurance (KTG)
  • Accident Insurance (UVG, UVG-E/UVG-Z)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life Insurance (3a/3b)

Questions on Taxation and Legal Matters

ASN offers support for questions regarding taxation and legal matters, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to our renowned partners you’ll be able to receive competent and comprehensive advice in all cases.

Double Taxation Agreements

A double taxation agreement is an internationally recognised bilateral agreement which governs to what extent or not the taxing rights of one of the two contracting states can be applied to an individual’s income or assets in the other state, where the respective individual already may be paying taxes. Such a double taxation agreement has the purpose of preventing a taxpayer from being burdened twice due to an overlap of national taxation laws. This plays a particularly important role when it comes to income taxes. Good advice in this matter is inexpensive, but bad advice can on the other hand turn out to be extraordinarily costly for you.


Inheritance tax is levied by many countries in one form or another. What you have to pay varies not only in terms of the amount of untaxed and taxed assets inherited, but foremost also depends on how the inheritance is being shifted within the family. Some countries have abolished inheritance tax and also accessions tax (gift tax) altogether, but replaced them with a special tax for assets transfers between remote relatives and third parties in the form of a stamp duty or transfer duty. Make sure you receive good advice in such matters so you can enjoy your inheritance to the fullest.