No Gaps in Your Provisions Thanks to Competent Advice

Our provision analysis will show you exactly which benefits you can expect to receive from the various insurance types. ASN always will come up with the optimal provision solution adjusted to your personal life situation.


We analyse your expected benefits from social security, your occupational provisions and your private provisions under consideration of all involved countries. Furthermore, we also carefully check for possible gaps. During the course of this provision planning, solutions will be suggested to close those gaps, because an occupational disability, invalidity or even the demise of yourself or your partner can have a financial impact that can seriously affect your whole family or company. 

Ideally Suited for...

…internationally mobile individuals who are earning their living in various countries, or individuals who maintain different places of residency. We particularly recommend a consultation if you are moving away from your home country or take on a job assignment in another country, purchase residential real estate, plan to spend your retirement abroad, marry, welcome an additional family member, or embark on a freelance career. 

Your Advantages

  1. You gain an overview which benefits to expect in which countries 
  2. You achieve clarity and security and know the potential risks 
  3. You know the possibilities how to individually safeguard against the consequences of occupational disability or death of the main bread winner or other family members 
  4. You receive a neutral consultation, because ASN is not tied to any single provider of financial or insurance services