Pension Fund / Freedom of Movement

Moving your residence abroad almost inevitably raises various questions about your pension fund. If you continue working for the same company, these will include: Is it actually possible to maintain risk coverage for old age, death and disability? Is it still possible to contribute, and if so, is it sensible to do that? Or should I initiate a cash withdrawal? What impact do bilateral agreements with the European Union and other bilateral treaties have on my career provisions?


There also are equally many questions to answer if you move away and your pension fund cannot be maintained: Should the accumulated pension capital remain in Switzerland, and if so, how should it be invested? Or would it be more sensible to transfer the capital abroad, provided that is even possible? How can any possible coverage gaps be closed?


Quite a lot of questions are also raised for international professionals taking up employment in Switzerland: Does your new employer’s pension scheme meet your particular needs? Is it possible to contribute, and if so, is it sensible to do that? Can I transfer my vested benefits from abroad? Will my existing pension fund capital continue to be recognised as such in a foreign country?


ASN can give you the information you need to decide on the best solution in your personal situation.