Planning to study in Switzerland? – Take out the Swiss Studies Insurance with ASN

Are you are expecting to soon take up a degree course, an apprenticeship or postgraduate training in Switzerland? Then we’d like to extend a warm welcome to you.

We want you – the student – to be able to fully focus on your educational adventure and at the same time enjoy our Swiss chocolates, cheese and of course our mountains, thus we would be delighted to take care of your insurance solution. So uncomplicated, so simple, so ASN.


Swiss Studies Insurance with ASN


Anyone who stays in Switzerland for longer than three months is obliged by law to take out a local health insurance. This might sound like a complicated and convoluted procedure, but isn’t necessarily. With the Swiss Studies Insurance you can not only benefit from a simple enrollment process but also can rest assured to enjoy optimal insurance cover during your study visit in Switzerland. You can sign up online and settle the premium in comfortable installments – monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.


The advantages in overview:

  • Worldwide coverage in accordance with Swiss standards
  • Help line to our partners available in 6 languages and 24/7, year-round
  • Claims handling and processing
  • Cost for medications and doctor visits are covered
  • Option to have access to alternative medicine
  • Guaranteed medical treatment 
  • Evacuation and medically necessary repatriation in emergency cases
  • Secure online payment system
  • Premium payment in installments
  • From only CHF 75 per month
  • Equivalent to a Swiss health insurance


F.A.Q. regarding Swiss Studies Insurance

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