Relocating? We Find an Insurance Solution that Suits Your Individual Needs

ASN is very familiar with the challenges faced by expats relocating to a new country, and therefore can assist individuals who have decided to spend their future in a country far from home.


Whether you’ll need travel insurance, health insurance or a whole life insurance for your impending stay abroad, our specialists know about the strengths but also the weaknesses of different international insurance companies and their products. ASN always finds the optimal insurance solution for you, fine-tuned to suit your personal life situation during your stay abroad and beyond.

All Relevant Insurances for Emigrants:


The insurance standards in other countries often are not comparable to the ones you’re accustomed to in your home country. Will the health insurance coverage be sufficient in the new country of residency or might an insurance policy taken out with an international healthcare provider be advisable? Or would you like to continue receiving treatments in your home country? Are the benefits from savings and retirement plans transferable?


You should decide to receive a comprehensive consultation before you move abroad. Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive, but flawed insurance coverage can on the other hand turn out to be extraordinarily costly for you. Secure your life by taking advantage of an international insurance solution. Our help desk is manned by several experts, who are available as your competent contact persons for all insurance questions. We guarantee that your chosen insurance package will have no gaps and suit your personal life situation, whatever you may have planned and however your future life may develop.