Cross-Border Commuters: We’ll Find an Insurance Solution Suitable for Your Needs

ASN knows about the challenges faced by cross-border commuters and therefore can assist those individuals who are working in Switzerland but live in the border areas of neighbouring countries.


If you’re living in the border area of a neighbouring country, but want to decide freely whether to receive medical treatment in Switzerland or in your home country, you will need an insurance that covers you in both.

ASN helps you find the right and most suitable health insurance solution, the optimal retirement provision, as well as the ideal life insurance.

All Relevant Insurance Types for Cross-Border Commuters:


As a cross-border commuter, you should decide on receiving a comprehensive consultation. Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive, but flawed insurance coverage can on the other hand turn out to be extraordinarily costly for you. Safeguard yourself with the optimal insurance solution. We guarantee that your chosen insurance package will have no gaps and is adjusted to exactly suit your life situation, whatever your plans may be and however your future life may develop.