At what point will you need an international insurance?

Once you intend to shift your life focus to a foreign country due to career or private reasons, you should inform yourself beforehand about the healthcare system in your new place of residence. Medical care can vary significantly from country to country, just like the quality of public healthcare facilities. Even your choice of insurance provider will play a determining role in what kinds of local medical specialists or hospitals you are permitted to visit. Depending on the country, you may have to endure sometimes very long waiting periods for certain treatments if you decide on a local insurance.

But if you want to have free choice of physician or hospital or even would like to continue visiting your trusted dentist or specialist back in your home country, and international health insurance is going to afford you all options.

International health insurances offer you private healthcare coverage globally and can be renewed for life, whereas a local insurance may no longer renew your coverage once you’ve reached age 70. Pre-existing conditions often also can be insured with an international policy by paying an additional premium. And if you should move again, your existing international insurance solution will move with you – regardless what your new destination may be or how often you relocate.

The world of international insurances is extraordinarily complex, because compliance in the country of residence plays a deciding role in the choice of your insurance product. It’s therefore best if you consult one of our insurance specialists at ASN.

Security and reliability are of the utmost importance at a new, still strange location, which is why ASN is working only with the best international insurance companies and service providers. You only need to speak to one of our experts, and everything else will be coordinated by ASN on your behalf. At ASN, you always have access to a contact person on whom you can rely in each and every situation.

An international insurance is particularly recommended for emigrants, professionals on temporary work assignment abroad, and expatriates of any nationality.