Expat Services for Private Individuals

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What do I have to consider when moving to a foreign country? Which health insurance can cover me while abroad? What is going to happen with my pension fund during my stay abroad? Our independent experts on all expatriate matters know the answers to these questions, but also the problems that may arise from a stay abroad. Please contact us today.

ASN Supports You in All Matters, from Employment Contract to Supplementary Insurance and More

Whether your life aspirations take you to Europe, the U.S.A. or Asia, we always support you on location. You wish to settle down in a foreign country; your employer is going to send you abroad on a working assignment; you plan to take up a language course abroad; or you want to embark on a round-the-world trip? We have the necessary know-how and right contacts to support any type of stay abroad. Whether you are currently actively pursuing a working career or intend to enjoy your retirement in a foreign country, ASN provides a solution for any type of personal challenge. 


Security and dependability are two of the most important aspects in an unfamiliar environment, and that is why ASN only works together with the very best international insurance firms and service providers. All you have to do is speak to one of our experts, because the ASN help desk is going to coordinate everything for you. ASN provides you with a contact person on whom you can rely in every situation.