Advice for Third Country Nationals

Third country nationals (TCN) are employees working for a multinational company in a country of which they are neither citizens nor in which the company itself has its legal headquarters. For example, when a French employee is deployed by your Switzerland-headquartered company to work in your firm’s branch office in Brazil. When the matter revolves around postings of TCNs, ASN is the right contact partner for you.

Flexible Insurance Solutions for Third Country Nationals (TCN)

Third country nationals (TCN) need very flexible insurance coverage, and the analysis of their occupational situation often is particularly challenging. Ready-made solutions are practically impossible to find in the market. Therefore, ASN offers custom-tailored insurance plans for TCNs.


International Insurances for Third Country Nationals (TCN): 


When employing third country nationals (TCN) in your firm, it is imperative that you comply with the laws and regulations of the country of deployment. Furthermore, the employment terms and conditions must be adjusted to match the worker’s needs as well as your company strategy. All of this poses a particular challenge for human resources management. ASN supports you in line with your demand in professionally organising the deployment of TCNs within your company.