Occupational Disability Doesn’t Need to Mean Financial Ruin

Sports Disability Insurance

A tough duel in the penalty area – and a severe injury can end your sports career abruptly. Many professional athletes see their existence collapse after such a mishap. While a sports disability insurance from ASN may not return a professional athlete to their former health, it certainly can secure their financial future.


Whether in football (soccer), tennis, or golf: record breaking player transfer payments and sponsor contracts have become commonplace. The world of sports has taken on such dimensions that players are often confronted with enormous financial risks. This is why professional athletes, their sponsors or sports clubs need custom-tailored protection.

Occupational Disability Insurance

Let’s assume you are employing pilots, whose license and tied-in medical fitness secures their regular income and provides them with a comfortable living standard. These professional pilots are exposed to the particular risk of losing their license. As long as your employee is only classified unfit for flying, not as entirely incapacitated, you can delegated them to any other occupation in line with current statutory regulations. ASN offers an occupational disability insurance for pilots, a so-called “loss of licence insurance“, which protects against this financial risk.


Such an occupational disability insurance also covers existence-threatening risks for other specialist occupations such as ship captains (masters), physicians, or barristers.


When dealing with such specific occupations you as an employer should leave nothing to chance. Choose an occupational disability insurance that secures your employees regular income as well as their standard of living. We guarantee that your insurance coverage will be adjusted to fit your staff's personal life situations.