A Customised Savings Insurance or Risk Insurance for Your Internationally Mobile Employees

There are many reasons why one should invest in the future. Within the framework of personal financial planning, a savings insurance is a suitable instrument to invest your employees capital as profitably as possible and at the same time benefit from the risk protection provided by a life insurance. 


For example, an individually financed retirement pension supplements provisions borne by the government or the company, so that your employees can reap the fruits of their professional careers without additional administrative effort even after they have retired. For individuals with overseas experience, governmental or company-supported provisions are often reduced. It is therefore advantageous for employees to concern themselves with private wealth-building as soon as possible. 


ASN knows all possibilities in this area and can show you and your internationally mobile employees the variety and individual advantages of classical and fund-supported savings insurances and retirement provisions. This way, even small investment amounts can in the long term – with flexibility – build up considerable wealth.  


Furthermore, a risk insurance can protect against risks like death and occupational disability due to accident or ill health. It is also another retirement provision instrument. Regardless whether the insurance protection is needed only temporarily of for life, ASN reliably supports you and your internationally mobile workers, regardless of their country of residency.