Business Travel Insurance

Employees should have the best possible insurance coverage when travelling abroad on business because a crisis arising during a trip can have a far-reaching financial impact. For example, in certain countries medical costs and hospital bills can be extremely high, in which case the coverage provided by the mandatory basic insurance may fall short. 


A business travel insurance is far more than just an insurance policy for medical care while being abroad. Not only accidents and illness, but also cancellations, flight delays and lost luggage can have a severe impact on the efficiency and costs of a business trip.


ASN offers you an analysis of your situation. A comprehensive, custom-tailored package of insurance coverage as well as medical and administrative services as offered to protect your employees on business trips and to cover unforeseeable travel and medical costs. ASN acts as your guardian angel, in the event of an emergency while travelling abroad. With our support in choosing the right solution you heed your duty of care towards your employees. This ensures that their business travels commence as smoothly as possible and that important deadlines are met.