International Assignment Consultation for Companies

International mobility of professionals and executives is a key success factor for globally operating companies. Foreign postings of workers ensure that the right professionals are on location at the right time and also promote the build-up of future specialists and executives. ASN supports you in all questions concerning expatriation.

Optimal Insurance Solutions Concerning International Assignments

You should provide your employees working abroad with optimal insurance coverage. ASN not only shows you which factors are playing an important role, but also offers you custom-tailored solutions.


International Insurance Types for Staff on Foreign Assignments:


Comprehensive health insurance, suitable retirement provision, and optimal risk protection play an important role when hiring and retaining loyal staff.


Truly innovative and contemporary solutions must match the employees’ needs as well as comply with the company’s duty of care and company strategy. Ready-made solutions rarely exist.

Further Services When You Post Your Workers Abroad

Professionally organising a foreign posting for staff is the foundation of successful expatriation. With a comprehensive consultation from one of our specialists, you can insure you will be compliant in  both your home country and host country.


ASN also offers you competent, neutral and independent consultations in the following areas:

  • Permits and visas
  • Foreign posting contracts and regulations
  • Balance sheet calculation
  • Relocation


Satisfying the needs of your workers and their families while living abroad is one of the most challenging tasks of human resources management. ASN supports you in the optimal organisation of your expats’ stay abroad – before, during and after their posting.