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Expat-Services for Companies

Expert Solutions for International Mobility

ASN Services for Companies with Internationally Mobile Workers

Comprehensive insurance plans for internationally mobile employees are invaluable. It is extremely difficult to source a ready-made solution in the insurance market, that suits you and your company. ASN can provide you with a suitable solution in any case.

Optimally Insured with ASN

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to the insurance coverage of your internationally mobile staff. Choose a comprehensive consultation with ASN's experts.

International Insurance Types for Internationally Mobile Employees:

  • Health Insurance
  • Social Security Insurance
  • Pension Fund
  • Savings Insurance / Risk Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Sports Disability Insurance / Occupational Disability Insurance
  • Kidnapping Insurance / Ransom Money Insurance

We guarantee that our insurance packages leave no gaps and are adjusted to exactly match the life situations of your employees.

Group solutions are available from 3 employees and up.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
by calling +41 43 399 89 89.

ASN Services for Companies with Internationally Mobile Workers

  1. Further Services When You Post Your Workers Abroad

    Professionally organising a foreign posting for staff is the foundation of successful expatriation. With a comprehensive consultation from one of our specialists, you can insure you will be compliant in both your home country and host country.

    ASN also offers you competent, neutral and independent consultations in the following areas:

    • Permits and visas
    • Foreign posting contracts and regulations
    • Balance sheet calculation
    • Relocation

    Satisfying the needs of your workers and their families while living abroad is one of the most challenging tasks of human resources management. ASN supports you in the optimal organisation of your expats’ stay abroad – before, during and after their posting.

  2. Local Hire Advice for Companies

    If you don’t want to send one of your Swiss employees abroad and prefer to hire, for your foreign branch, a Swiss national already living on location to employ them under local terms and conditions, ASN can show you which important factors you need to consider. We ensure that you will be in full compliance with relevant regulation both at home and in the host country.

    Truly innovative and contemporary insurance solutions must match the locally hired employees’ needs and at the same time also comply with your company strategy. But whether it may be comprehensive health insurance, suitable retirement provision, or optimal risk protection for your locally hired staff, ready-made solutions rarely exist.

  3. Flexible Insurance Solutions for Third Country Nationals (TCN)

    Third country nationals (TCN) need very flexible insurance coverage, and the analysis of their occupational situation often is particularly challenging. Ready-made solutions are practically impossible to find in the market. Therefore, ASN offers custom-tailored insurance plans for TCNs.

    When employing third country nationals (TCN) in your firm, it is imperative that you comply with the laws and regulations of the country of deployment. Furthermore, the employment terms and conditions must be adjusted to match the worker’s needs as well as your company strategy. All of this poses a particular challenge for human resources management. ASN supports you in line with your demand in professionally organising the deployment of TCNs within your company.

  4. International Insurance Solutions for Cross-Border Commuters Working in Your Company

    ASN knows about the challenges faced by cross-border commuters and can assist those individuals who are working in Switzerland but live in the border areas of neighbouring countries.

    If you’re employing workers in Switzerland who are living in neighbouring countries and want them to be able to decide freely whether they would like to receive medical treatment in Switzerland or in their home country, ASN can offer you insurance solutions that cover your cross-border commuters both in Switzerland and at home.