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Welcome to ASN

Dear reader,


I should probably present myself by using creative wording like «optimal solution», «experience», «dynamic and innovative», «effective and efficient», «practically relevant», etc., because after all, phrases like these and others are almost naturally synonymous with ASN, your partner and leading expert for expatriation.


But I would rather introduce the values that I represent as managing director of ASN and an individual. These are values that characterise our work and which are important enough to also demand from every member of the ASN team.


Our company’s success would be impossible - I’d even say, ASN wouldn’t be ASN – without its open-minded, inquisitive and interested co-workers, who live and breathe these values, extraordinary customer service and willingness to cooperate. The ASN tem exhudes extensive and detailed professional knowledge, and distinctive social competency. In short: they are not just «dynamic», «innovative» and «competent», but it is important to every single one of them to deliver good work to fully satisfy their clients.


They are moreover always treating each other and their customers with utmost respect. Our working climate is defined by openness and transparency, because I strongly believe that this is the only way to create and promote trust.


Finally what defines us is our enjoyment of the work we do and the enthusiasm we bring to everything we do. Both aspects – further enhanced by a pinch of humour – help us view and solve complex problems from a fresh, creative angle on a constant basis.


Dear reader, we are convinced that we are the right consultants for all your questions regarding expatriation. We look forward to working for you.


Pascal Fanti

Managing Director, ASN, Advisory Services Network AG