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ASN, Advisory Services Network AG

Your Independent Partner during Overseas Postings

In our diverse world characterized by globalization and mobility, professionals who are familiar with emigration, overseas stays, foreign staff postings and all related challenges, are much sought after, because virtually all emigrants, cross-border commuters or expatriates – regardless of whether they are staff employees, freelancers on assignment or independently working specialists – find themselves in a very complex situation and depend on competent support.


ASN - Advisory Services Network AG is a Swiss consulting firm with headquarters in Zürich. Since 1991 the company has been handling the needs and interests of expatriates in Switzerland and abroad, offering optimal professional advice and individual solutions worldwide through an extensive company-operated network of experts.


Our team of specialist teams assist as both private individuals who intent on relocating to another country as well as companies and their professionals in all questions of emigration and foreign postings – from residence and work permits to questions regarding daily life in Switzerland and abroad.


The specialists at our help desk are multilingual, are empathetic, and boast extensive cultural know-how. Private individuals and companies alike are always taken care of by an assigned key account manager. Our clients always have access to a single contact person who is very familiar with their particular situation and needs.


Furthermore, with our custom-tailored solutions, companies can position themselves in the job market as attractive employers, because we offer their foreign employees services that go far beyond the professional standard. As a result, the company benefits from more efficient and more satisfied employees who don’t have to waste time with administrative questions concerning their new life situations.


The focus at ASN - Advisory Services Network AG always is on optimally satisfying the individual needs of our customers.