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ASN is your leading expert for international insurance for work-related and private stays abroad. We make sure that you are optimally insured worldwide and guarantee you full and extensive insurance cover thanks to our international insurance solutions.

  • International health insurance

    Are you planning a short stay abroad or are you moving to a foreign country? Don't leave your medical care to chance while you're away. We recommend an international insurance.   … more »

  • Personalised consulting

    Regardless of whether you intend to relocate to a foreign country on your own terms or are going to be posted there by your company, you certainly will benefit from our personalised consultations.  … more »

  • Health insurance for USA

    Do you require PPACA-compliant health insurance for the United States („Obamacare“)? A product has recently appeared in the market which satisfies the laws of all U.S. states and furthermore also offers global coverage.     … more »



  • ASN - Worldwide at home


    Thanks to our expansive network of specialists, we are able to offer you optimal insurance solutions for short stays abroad, relocation and foreign posting solutions worldwide from our headquarters in Zürich. … more »

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